I just found out there’s no such thing as “The Real World”


well, hello

I haven’t blogged in a very long time.  By “very long”, I mean since the beginning of my fall semester (2011, yeah).

I kind of just ran out of things to say along the way. I used to compile all of my wedding thoughts here, then I found pinterest, and suddenly Wedded Wednesday wasn’t that much fun anymore.   

But, I’ve actually decided that I might start up something again. For whatever reason it’s more fun to write something and post online about it rather than just writing it in my own journal…

So, maybe this can be a place to keep all of my recipes that I try! Most of the things I cook/bake I end up changing… I never actually follow a recipe… and my dad likes it that way 🙂 He tells me I’m gonna be on cupcake wars one day.

So yeah, I’m still wedding obsessed.
I still have a ton of crafts that I’ve successfully completed and I want to post on here.
And I always have a ton of recipes I want to share… always. always. always.

so, we’ll see what happens.



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