Gamma Phi Beta House– 1st Night Experience



I feel obligated to say this now that I’m back in Aggieland and well on my way to starting year #2 at Texas A&M University.  With 59 hours under my belt, I feel like I’ve finally gotten the hang of all of this college business, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year!
Saturday was the start of the official move in day for the AggieGammaPhi House, and I was pretty much here as soon as the doors opened!!!
After a lot of packing (both super-in-advance and super-last-minute)  I finally got mom’s tahoe and my mustang packed to the max. I almost sacrificed leaving one of the parents at home to get one more box… But I felt like I needed the extra man-power when toting all of the boxes upstairs. (which are only 17 now. Goodbye, Underwood 414’s 48 stairs!!!!!)

I can’t wait to blog about our NEW ROOM!!!! And give you the GRAND TOUR (via photo) of my new home-away-from-home. Look forward to that– it’ll be coming up this week!

But for now–I want to tell you about my FIRST NIGHT in the house with my supa-awesome-roomie: Christina Tharp 🙂

cloudy skies at HEB

We have our priorities straight, clearly. Decorate the room. Fazoli’s. HEB for groceries–  Our afternoon sky was filled with a very strange, dark covering… I almost remember something like this from my childhood. Clouds, maybe? And rain falls from them?! Crazy stuff.
Apparently it rained a lot in Colorado this summer, so Christina was unimpressed with the overcast.

Our kitchenette, which is available to us to cook pretty much whatever we want, is fairly limited- as in toaster oven, toaster, ice boxes, and microwave.
So, to Pinterest I go to find a good microwave cupcake recipe, and BAM, there it is. So we scurry around to find our easy set of ingredients:
Cake mix of your choice
(ingredients to prepare cake mix)
and that vanilla icing with those little sprinkles included. Ohhhh, yessss.
and the adventure begins!
notes from mom

Our house mom leaves us sweet notes. Like this one. We can’t say that we were never warned!

We realize pretty early on that we don’t have measuring cups. Or a mixer. Or even normal food containers/utensils.
So with a coffee cup that Shelby Taylor (whoop, shoutout, bestie!)  got me, a tupperware tub, and some creative thinking, we got to work.

With some plastic spoons and forks, we finally get our batter mixed to a questionably smooth consistency.
We followed the directions from the online recipe first- grease a coffee mug (we used butter), fill it about halfway full with batter, and microwave 2-3 minutes (we did a safe 2.5)
and this is what it looks like while it’s cookin’:

If you squint, you can see us admiring our creation, this large glob of cake rising out of this coffee mug. 2.5 minutes ended up being perfect!!
We took it out of the mug immediately and plopped it out onto a plate to cool.  I figured that cutting it in half made it look more like a cupcake.  We decided to get adventurous and fill our tupperware tub with batter, and microwave it for the same amount of time. This created small “cakes” that could be layered to make an adorable, bite-sized tier cake! Another house resident, Courtney, came along to help us eat everything that we cooked. Microwave cupcakes for the WIN!  Enjoy these pictures 🙂



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  1. I am bored to death with most everything on yahoo and facebook etc., the lack of imagination, lack of basic writting skills,lack of subject matter….but precious niece you never disappoint! I love to read your stuff!!! so keep writing! I always read your posts to Lonnie and we laugh like crazy! and we are enjoying getting to be a part of your Aggie experience. Love you, Aunt TJ

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