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I’m pretty sure it’s been 2 weeks since my last blog… and a lot of semi-exciting things have been going on lately, so I guess it’s only appropriate to update on my summer a bit– and I have some exciting news about another blog at the end, so just wait up for that part. I think it’ll be worth it!

First, I finally got my beach-fix in! My family and I+Marie had a lovely time at Padre Island, I was finally reunited with my ex college roomie, Eileen, and I finally got the summer tan that I’ve been waiting for! It was everything that I was looking forward to! ūüôā So here’s some pictures from that. I edited everything with picnik!:

Day 1  in Padre was spent grocery shopping and car unloading and all that good stuff, so I have no pictures worth posting to document that day, really. There are a few on my facebook, though! Day 2 was spent at the beach right in front of our condo.

After we twice baked, we got cleaned up and ready for dinner. My parents went to Mustang Island and Port Aransas for dinner and Marie and I met up with Eileen and her friend Kammie for the night.

I woke up early on Day 3 to¬†watch the sunrise with dad. He was definitely the only one awake. This is the only picture I didn’t edit (minus the vignette¬†option so it would look framed)For the rest of day 3,¬†we spent our time¬†on the Padre Island National Shoreline, which was pretty nice!¬†The tides were fairly high the whole time we were down there, but out¬†a little ways in the¬†water was this¬†massive old tree that had washed up. It looked like it was growing right in the middle of the ocean! I¬†got some¬†better shots of it, but have no way of getting them on my work computer right now, so this will have to do! ¬†
Day 3 was also mine and Michael’s official 1.5 year anniversary, and I missed him a lot…

Day 3 also got me extremely sunburned… which led to not so much sun activity later in the afternoon…. We went souvenier shopping and to a nice seafood restaurant, where I managed to accidentally capture this moment… and now it’s my favorite picture of our whole trip. Oh, and ask Marie about her one-man-band lover.

By the morning of day 4, I couldn’t stand the feel of the sun on my shoulders, so we went and did some sightseeing! Here are a few aquarium shots:

If you know me, you may or may not know that sea creatures and the thought of the ocean kind of freaks me out… but I think sea critters are super amazing. And I took an oceanography lab in the spring and actually put some of that knowledge to use!
¬†After our aquarium adventures, we finally got around to taking pictures on the beach like mom had been wanting to do. This is my favorite ūüôā
I bought dad this hat for father’s day and he wore the mess out of it the entire week. I thought we looked cute in our little sunhats, here.

Late that afternoon, we went fishing– kind of a Padre tradition that we have! It was defintely the perfect end to the perfect vacation.

Friday was set aside for the reuniting with the boyfriend. My 4 day vacation is the longest I’ve gone without seeing him all summer– I don’t mind that at all considering that Fall semester is looming here lately. Kevin had just gotten back from some Army Reserves training stuff (correct me if I’m wrong, Michael) and we had a lovely dinner with him, Lindsay, and Michael’s parents. And later I got to hang out with Jennifer and Abby! I even drooled over the main character of Sons of Anarchy with Jennifer. Here, drool over “Jax” or Charlie Hunnam. He’s attractive.

Another random thing worth posting about is the book that I read while we were in Padre. Now my favorite book. EVER.
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

I wanted to read the book before I went to see the movie, and never got around to the book while it was still showing in theaters. I absolutely loved it! Now let’s just hope the movie doesn’t disappoint.

In case you didn’t know, it’s hot out, and Six Flags Over Texas is the place to go if you want to spend a day in the sweltering heat. Saturday after our vacation, my group of lovely friends formally celebrated Michael’s 19th birthday with an extremely eventful trip to Arlington! Shout out to my boyfriend, who is now the same age as me for¬† about 3 months! Enjoy these photos:

YAY! I stole this from Shelby’s facebook.

5 deep in a log flume was the best plan ever.

…and again.

So, seeing as this blog is starting to turn into a photo-blog and those weren’t my intentions, I’ll go ahead and tell you the news:
If you don’t know, I’m in a sorority at Texas A&M University– Gamma Phi Beta. And recently an official blog was started for our chapter and I’ve been asked to do the writing for it! YAY! They practically set up the page for me and all that good stuff and all I have to do is write! I probably won’t get started until after my little recruitment workshop that I will be attending this weekend, but I’m really excited about it. So, even if you don’t go to A&M or if you’re not in my sorority (I’m mostly talking to my friends back at home), I’d really like you to read every now and then…. It’ll be cool for y’all to kind of see what my organization is like! Here’s the link and some information! I can’t take any credit for what’s on there now, because, like I said, I haven’t even written my first post yet. I’ll keep you updated on what that experience is like, though!

This week so far has not been my favorite– so here’s to hoping that Friday brings something exciting.



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