Wedded Wednesday: A Grand Exit


Happy Wedded Wednesday 🙂

This summer is going by so fast, and I’ve honestly lost track of how many Wedded Wednesday posts I have done. Granted I began during dead week before finals so nearly 2 months worth or something like that.
I’ve revealed to you what I wouldn’t talk about for the longest because I thought everyone would give me the “you’re too young to be thinking about marriage” talk– and that is my most favorite ideas for my future wedding. 

If you think I revealed everything, you are wrong. I, of course, have a head full of ideas and a folder full of pictures of dreams for what will surround me and the future hubby the day I walk down the aisle… but it would be no surprise to anyone if I revealed it all in blog-form.

Next week holds a vacation to Padre for me and the family (+Marie) and the next week will be my last week at work. Then, after that, I start summer school until I have to go back to College Station, so my summer is dwindling fast.

What I’m trying to say is, this will be my last Wedded Wednesday post for a while.  At least until I see how much studying I’m going to be doing… I’m taking accounting and business calculus every day, 5 days a week, so I’m a little nervous about how time consuming work outside of class will be. I’m still going to blog, don’t get me wrong! I just don’t want to have something that I am committed to every week, I suppose…

If the classes aren’t too bad, I’ll start back up 🙂

It’s only appropriate that I share pictures with you of a few “Grand Exits”


First of all– seriously drop everything that you are doing and watch this video that I found on It is PRECIOUS
Today I have a super sweet proposal + wedding inspired by the movie UP. Katie + Zack love to have fun and enjoy spending lots of time with their family and friends. Zack proposed to Katie with the theme of the movie UP in mind, because he knew Katie finds little old men to be the cutest thing in the world and that bright festive balloons make any day happier. Their proposal was captured by Paperback Weddings and is just the sweetest!! Oh, the old man in the engagement video is Katie’s Grandpa 🙂
There’s the story behind that engagement, by the way 🙂 You better have watched that video.



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