Wedded Wednesday- “Sweet Like Candy to My Soul”


Happy [wedded] Wednesday!
For those of you out there with a job, it’s officially “hump” day… which means Friday is fast approaching! Yayyyy weekend! *cue rebecca black music*

Today, I decided to talk about the less-serious side of weddings: reception-related stuff!!!
Everyone loves a good reception. I mean, you’ve got food… a decent band… And if the food and band aren’t good/decent, there’s an open bar so you can drink until you think that it is! No open bar? Well, your relatives must not love you as a guest… I know I better have an open bar for half of my family. heh.

My most favorite part? The groom’s cake, of course!  You have the towering wedding cake serving as the centerpiece for the room… with its beautiful accents to match everything about the day, whether it be edible lace trimmings or fondant flowers. The bride and groom are all cutsie about cuttin’ it and shovin’ it up each other’s noses. Love 🙂
But where do you find the good stuff? The groom’s cake, duh! That’s where you find the chocolate and fudge and dipped strawberries…. because what real man wants a cake with fondant flowers?

Most of all, it’s my favorite because that’s where you really see the couple’s personality! So, here’s my [if i were to get married tomorrow] “What I Think My Groom’s Cake Would Look Like”
(of course, he would pick it… which is why the pictures that I have compiled are pictures of things that represent Michael (and a few of us as a couple)… and the representations are edible! Yay, cake!)

Oh, and if you recognized my blog post subtitle, “Sweet Like Candy to My Soul” as the lyrics to Dave Matthews Band’s “Crash into Me”, then you are my new best friend.

 If you don’t know, Michael plays trumpet… really well, if I may say so! This cake shows off his personality perfectly!  Plus, I thought this cake looked so elegant! I feel like sometimes cakes like this can come out looking “cartoonish” (I hope that makes sense!) but this one looks amazing! Almost too good to eat. Almost.

Band Love

Every couple has their quirky similarities. Michael and I have Scooby Doo. Maybe it’s not so weird or uncommon… but we have had an odd obsession with Scooby Doo since we were wee little lads, and that has never gone away! Scooby Doo book club members? check. Will we have a dog named Scooby one day? Most likely. My frikkin’ email address starts with “cheerscoob”. It’s rather embarrassing… but we embrace it. I would totally be okay with Scooby Doo being in my wedding… as in a very SMALL part of my wedding. And just for kicks, check this picture of us from this past Halloween:

"Fred" and "Daphne" pose with Scooby Doo

Back to the music theme: Guitar! I found this blog “cupadeecakes” yesterday while browsing for inspiration for this Wedded Wednesday, and I loved this cake! Like the trumpet that I talked about above, it’s very elegant! And it looks delicious, too! Read this blog if you get a chance, I don’t think you’ll regret it!

One of my all-time favorite photos!

Another quirky similarity growing up on some old school nintendo. One of our very very first dates (pictured below), Michael and I dominated on some Super Mario Bros. 3. Talk about love.
Since then, old school nintendo is always the back-up entertainment plan.
“Wanna go see a movie?”…. nah, nintendo is so much better.
Whether we play it with the old school, 2 lb. cartrages, on my wii, or on his laptop, it’s always the best. Plus, I think you’ll agree that nothing goes better with nintendo than fondant.

1st dates- 2009

If you don’t like “Crumbs and Crayons” on facebook, go seek it out, now! The combination of my best friend’s wonderful mother+her delicious homecooking+her spunky creativity= something that these pictures cannot even do justice! Charlotte Taylor makes some amazing cakes, and the one above is one of my many many favorites! Dr. Pepper seems to be the choice of drinks with the whole Nichols family… I’m pretty sure I can count on 2 hands the number of times I have seen Michael drink something other than Dr. Pepper. How cool would a Dr. Pepper groom’s cake be?!
…and after a lot of searching through facebook pictures, I couldn’t find a picture of Michael with a Dr. Pepper can. 😦 I promise it is his favorite beverage, though!

As for this cake, to be perfectly honest, I would be more likely to get it than Michael ever would be! Granted, we are both going to graduate from Texas A&M University, which will be really really awesome! But I’m not sure that we would ever carry that as far as a theme in our wedding. But this cake looks AMAZING! And the Texas A&M seal on the top isn’t too overboard… It’s a classy cake! And those strawberries are enough to make your mouth water!!! I just had to put something in here college related. 🙂 I mean, this is supposed to be my “what I have learned in college” blog.

This is a bit off subject, but I saw these little “cakeballs” or “cakepops”, as this blog called them, and couldn’t help myself! If you have never had a cakeball, I should introduce you to my friends Shelby and Christina, and they could hook you up! They are delicious. And what cute favors these would make!!!

That’s all for my delectable desserts today!
But, in my browsing yesterday, I found this lovely picture that I just HAD to share. If you’ve read “Wedded Wednesday” before, you know I want to get married in a church. This picture shows what I think an ideal ceremony would look like:

Isn’t this gorgeous?! I wish I had the site where I got this from, but I just saw and downloaded and kept right on cake-searching. Normally I wouldn’t post it without credit, but it was just too pretty to pass up.

Let me know what you think, and if you would like me to talk about something specific in Wedded Wednesday, let me know!! I love feedback 🙂
And, for whatever reason, the format of my wordpress is being weird, so if this blog looks all kinds of not uniform, I apologize in advance.



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  1. Thank you both 🙂 And Shelby, it took forever to get your mom’s dr. pepper cake to show up! But I finally got it! If you read the post through your email, you probably didn’t see it… but if you read it from the link on my facebook, it’s there! 🙂

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