The Way We See It


Hello 🙂
Because I work at a job that is not-so-demanding, I find time in my day to let my mind wander and I feel like I should sit down and get it all down before these thoughts just vanish. However, I did try to limit myself on my blogging. I don’t wish to have a blog post for every day since I started working here, but that seems like the trend so far…

I’m currently reading The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks, a book that Michael’s mother let me borrow last night and that I’m already halfway through. I read a lot, and quickly… and I can’t help but feeling a little sad when I finish a book and realize I don’t have that to pass my time anymore… Then my hunt for another book begins.
This book made my mind begin to wander about how women (or girls..whichever you would prefer to be called) change throughout the “first meeting/first dates/familiarity” process with men… or boys. haha.
The book mentioned the main character noticing her crush’s cologne for the first time on their first “official” date. And so I began to think…

Boys– take note:

For whatever reason, I feel like smells are what I remember the most. I can remember the particular perfume that I was wearing during a particular memorable event. If I smell a certain cologne or perfume, I can usually recall who I know that wears it.
As far as guys go, I sometimes feel like cologne defines where you are in your relationship.
A girl will fall in love with the way a guy smells. (I know that is the case for me with Michael) I cannot walk into a store and see the brand of cologne that he wears without walking up to it and smelling it, just to get that faint reminder of him.
I’m flattered to meet him at the door and know we’re going on a date and realize that he made sure he wore my favorite… Maybe he does it because he knows that I will definitely sit closer to him than normal… or maybe it’s just a guy thing.

So for whatever reason:
first date situations=nervous=that smell of my favorite cologne=dressed up

but then there is this stage of familiarity that sets in. The kind when you want to lay around in pajamas and watch television. “Chill dates”, if you will… Then there’s that comfort of the scruffy clothes. Basketball shorts and white t-shirts. There’s that feeling… a jittery, but comforting feeling.  Just-out-of-the-shower/axe body spray/deodorant only kinda smell…

and I feel like this defines a relationship.  The ability to draw the line between knowing that they tried so hard to get you, and knowing that they have you so that they’re not constantly fighting it so. I don’t mean, “once you get the girl, give up.”
I just mean that there’s something so wonderful about easing into that zone of comfort where it’s not such a worry anymore.

Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know 🙂



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