Wedded Wednesday: Music to My Ears


Happy Wednesday 🙂
Wedded Wednesday, that is!
A lot of thought went into whether or not I ever wanted to use music as a topic for my blog, mostly because I feel that it is the most important part of your wedding, and is shared between you and yours.  I love going to a wedding and seeing that the couple didn’t follow the super traditional guidelines for choosing wedding songs.  Think back to the “dancing down the aisle” wedding that became so popular around a year ago thanks to “Goodmorning, America”:
Or, if you’ve seen” The Office” when Jim and Pam get married, you get an idea. If you haven’t seen “The Office”, we’re no longer friends.
This blog is about to reveal every song (well, not even close to every song… but a few of my msot favorites) that I feel is special between Michael and me (like I always say, this is an “if I were to get married tomorrow” kind of blog) I also went a little “video-crazy”, but please click the links and watch if you have the time! 🙂
Anyway, the music of your wedding day special to you and your significant other alone.  So this blog is mostly going to be what I would have to include on my wedding day. But, as always, I would LOVE to hear what your wedding songs consist of. Like I said, this is my absolute favorite part 🙂

“Canon in D” Pachelbel
A video of Canon in D performed beautifully!
The one classical, and traditionally used wedding song that I would include on my wedding day. I like the idea of having this played on piano or by strings rather than just playing a recording of it, and of course, I would want this somewhere in the ceremony part of my wedding, most likely the processional or the interlude/prelude.

“Not Fire, Not Ice” Ben Harper
A cheesy video with the performance of the song that can make me cry like no other 🙂
This song holds a special place in my heart, but like most songs used on your wedding day, it’s between you and that special somebody. This could be considered “our song” I suppose… and I think it could be used as either the song that plays when you exit (the Recessional, if you will)… or as the ever popular “first dance” song at the reception. If I were to be married tomorrow, this song would absolutely be in my wedding, above any other.

Just for Kicks:
“You’re My Best Friend” Queen
Go ahead, laugh all you want! As random and off the wall as it is, this song does actually mean something to me (and if Michael is reading my “pretend wedding” post, I know he’s laughing , too). This song trips down memory lane back to junior-ish year.  I think it would either serve as a crowd favorite, or be the song that your uppity relatives that you never see would sit in the back and frown upon.  Of course, you won’t see any Queen played at the Royal Wedding, I’m sure… but hey,  I think it could be implemented tastefully into your wedding playlist.  Maybe even end the crazy party reception with “We are the Champions”! Have a “Queen-themed” wedding and just get real tacky with it 😉

The Tearjerker:
Ask Michael… my favorite phrase here lately is, “a guitar makes any situation hotter”… and it’s true. I’m a sucker for guitars (and pianos, for that matter!)… and of course, I love me some trumpet players.  Luckily, I date a guy who can play all three! (and can play them very very well, I might add)
The idea of having a song written by someone special for your day only is one that I absolutely love! There are so many opportunities to have music in your wedding ceremony, and if it was written by the person standing toe-to-toe with you at the altar… well, how can you not shed a tear?
Maybe neither one of you are musically talented?
Write a song, and have someone else record/perform it! Maybe a close friend of both of you that know you well enough to share in such a big day! I’m not saying this idea is for everyone out there, but I definitely toy with the idea of having something like this on my wedding day!

Start sendin’ in the comments of your wedding song ideas, and let me know what you think! 🙂



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