Wedded Wednesday: Something Blue


I hope that everyone’s finals are going easy on them (for all of you college kids out there!) I’m pleased to say that this Wednesday not only brings thoughts about wedding blogs, but thoughts about getting in my car and driving back to East Texas for the summer. I cannot wait ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday in between studying, I was able to walk through the “Commons” area and I saw a “Brazos Valley Bride” magazine that I just had to pick up. If I would have known about these, I would have been looking for them a lot sooner.
For everyone back home, it’s a lot like “Wedded Bliss”
Anyway, I took the time to read it Monday night before I went to bed, and they had a whole section devoted to “Something Blue”
This was my inspiration for this post!

I challenge everyone reading right now to go to google/ask/bing or whatever search engine you use right now and under “images” search “weddings-blue”
That is exactly what I did in my google image search bar and I got a million collages just like the one above. People are taking the old tradition of “Something Blue” to a whole new level.
Brazos Valley Bride suggests incorporating these “blues” into your wedding:

  • blue jewelry-
    aquamarines, turquoise, or blue crystals and sapphire!

    Sapphire Earrings on for only $45.99

  • blue eyeliner-
    a makeup artist might surprise you with some navy eyeliner

    "My Top 6 Makeup Colours for Summer 2010" on

  • blue bouquet-
    hyacinths and hydrangeas… and since we’re all Texan here, Bluebonnets!

  • blue nail polish-
    a perfect blue pedicure to go under your dress! I don’t think I’d do blue fingernails, though… OPI "Blue My Mind"

  • blue garter-
    classic example!

  • blue ribbon-
    a ribbons tied around your ankle, in your hairdo… or even sewn around the hem of your dress

  • blue cocktails-
    a modern twist on a classic tradition!

  • blue contact lenses-
    not my favorite idea… most likely, that man standing at the end of the aisle is in love with how yours eyes look… and if you are already rockin’ the baby blues, go for it! But if he is in love with your green/brown/hazel eyes, don’t change them up for the most important day!
  • a blue tattoo (temporary or permanent)-
    I think the idea of this is really cool, if you are classy about it!
    I get the visual of a little blue heart on your ankle or hip… I’ve never been crazy about the idea of tattoos that are extremely visible because I have never been too confident that I would always want it after I got it… but this would have such a cool story!

  • blue shoes-
    “well it’s one for the money… two for the show…”
    okay, so Elvis isn’t the only one rockin’ blue suede shoes anymore!ย  In “Brazos Valley Bride”, they suggest having the bridal party signing the bottom of your shoes in blue sharpie! Such a fun idea!

  • a blue journal-
    I was puzzled about this one at first, but this is for the purpose of having your own vows written and carrying them down the aisle with you!

  • blue hair accessories-
    …this seems self explanatory
  • blue lingerie-
    go for those blue “bride” undies… as long as your dress isn’t super see-through!
  • blue sash-
    totally trendy!

So, my personal favorite?
I like the idea of blue jewelry… the sapphire earrings, maybe!
I had a cousin that got married when I was small and I was her flower girl, and she had a very elaborate beaded pattern on the front of her dress.ย  Sewn into the pattern was a very small blue bead that was extremely hard to find… but it’s another one of those really cool stories to tell!

I’d love to hear about your “something blue” ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. I’ve never been a blue girl and chances are blue will not be a color at my wedding, so I’d probably go with something very discreet. I really liked the blue garter idea. I was even tickled by the idea of a temporary blue tattoo (where no one could see of course.)

  2. I haven’t really decided how I feel about blue as the color in my wedding… but I feel like there are so many opportunities to be discreet with it, and, like I said a million times, have a really cool story behind it!

  3. I did the baby blue garter and so I like that idea. But I think my favorite idea of this whole blog was to have your bridesmaides sign the bottom of your shoes. I think that is something really special and unique!! You should do it Chaney!!

  4. I really love that, too!! You could have a huge “shoe-signing” party at either your shower, or the rehearsal dinner… You could be super creative with this! Even change after the wedding into some white TOMS and everyone sign those in blue sharpie! That’d be awesome!

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