Underwood 414: A Tribute


This is a tribute to Underwood Residence Hall, Room 414, my temporary home during my freshman year at Texas A&M University.
This post is about the things that the walls of Underwood 414 has seen and heard since move in day:  August 22, 2010.

Underwood Hall:
Where the hostile ladies of Texas A&M University reside. We’re all girls. We’re modular style. We most likely don’t want to socialize with you because we think we are much cooler than you.  Eileen and I have our little nicknames for the residents of our little dormitory, but we’ll keep that to ourselves.  They aren’t very nice names.
This is where our window faces the all-boys Appelt Hall. The same window that we have accidentally left open a few times and walked out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel on.  Let’s hope the guys who live directly across from us about 30 ft. away aren’t creepers…
This is where the laundry room sucks. But all things laundry sucks, so I won’t go on about this.
This is where the temperature is FRIGID. Our room has been absolutely freezing since January and there is no way to adjust it. Sad day.
This is where I was selected to be a residential adviser for 2011-2012, but had to decline to live in the sorority house.
This was home 🙂

The Furniture:
Our mattresses are appropriately maroon (gig ’em).  They are about 6in. thick and were made in Huntsville, Texas (according to the tag). Dad told me that they made the prisoners make them. I think it’d be pretty cool to discover a secret message sewn up into my mattress from a prisoner trying to reach the outside world to tell everyone that he is innocent.  But nothing that cool ever happened.  Eileen and I never even went mattress surfing. I’m still bitter…
Our furniture is too heavy for a girl to move.  Even too heavy for two girls.  And because the ladies of Underwood are hostile, you can’t just go and knock on someone’s door and ask them to help you move furniture. Thankfully, we befriended our “across the hall neighbor”, Amanda, and can call on her to help us move furniture when necessary.  Amanda is even going to be Eileen’s roommate next year. Underwood friendship success!

The Sounds:
On any given night during the late hours when everyone should be asleep getting the brain power that they need to succeed and go out into the world to be “Good Ags”, you will always hear one of the ladies of Underwood scream something obscene.  Sometimes, you may not be able to understand it. And sometimes you can. For example, the time Eileen and I heard someone scream outside our door:
No. I am not entirely sure I want it. I just want to sleep. This is what I’m thinking.
To which Eileen says, “SHUT UP! QUIET HOURS!”
Nobody obeys quiet hours in Underwood. Especially when they’re coming back from North Gate.
Eileen and I have jammed many, many songs on our laptops via grooveshark and prolonged our studying for as long as possible.  Underwood 414’s walls have heard some amazing singing that has/will never grace the ears/walls of the unlucky ones.  (I hope that made sense) Pretty much what I am trying to say is that we sang. A lot. At the tops of our lungs. We messed up the words. We sounded awful.  And Underwood 414’s walls didn’t care.  We sang during quiet hours and probably disturbed everyone around us.
hooray for rebellion.
Here’s some of the personal favorites of ours from this school year:

  1. “Wear My Ring” Bart Crow Band
  2. “She’s Like Texas” Josh Abbott Band
  3. “Dear John” Taylor Swift
  4. “Bottoms Up” Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj
  5. “Waterfalls” TLC
  6. “Dog Days Are Over” Florence and the Machine

To see this some of the greatest (and candid) singing ever, please watch this:


If you, for whatever reason, cannot watch this… I apologize. If you just watched this… well, I apologize.

Underwood’s walls may have heard some craziness… But they have also heard quite a few heartfelt conversations.  Eileen isn’t one to get sappy, I feel like, but we really did have some really great conversations behind that closed door.  We’d stay up late at night and talk about completely random things… life, college… deep stuff. And sometimes she was doing more listening than talking, but I wouldn’t take back those conversations for anything.

The Underwood Carpet:
Underwood 414’s floor has provided a place to sleep for many people, including both Eileen and myself. Eileen when she doesn’t feel good, and me when I am tired of studying and collapse… or when I took aerobic walking fall semester and would come in and collapse. (Don’t judge me… it’s a lot harder than it sounds!)
Richard Russell slept on Underwood 414’s floor the weekend of the A&M vs OU game and both Michael and Marie have slept on the floor (during chilifest/parent’s weekend).
Some pretty awesome people have laid on that carpet.

The Underwood Carpet is sacred to Eileen Gonzales. Just ask our friend, Dustin.
The floor of Underwood collects hair “of the Underwood ladies past” as Eileen and I like to say. Do not roll a lint roller over it. You will be disgusted.
The floor provides places to sit and play games (let’s think about Chilifest weekend, friends) and sit and watch movies (Christina!)… Even though it may be gross, we love it. And God forbid we spill anything on it.
Marie, Michael, Eileen, Dustin, Ashley… you all know what I mean.

This is where I experienced many firsts:
Getting ready for my first Josh Abbott Band Concert
Getting ready every morning for Rush
Having to actually share a space/bathroom with a total stranger
I could go on and on and on…

What I’m trying to say is, I’ll miss the 6 flights of stairs/48 steps that I have tripped/fell up/down these past few months (a little bit). I’ll miss the memories made here… And I’ll miss being a roommate with the person who was my first friend at Texas A&M.



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