biking ‘cross campus


One of the first things that I noticed when I first visited Texas A&M University was the plethora of bicycles.

One of the first things that I wanted when I went back to Texas A&M University after that was my bicycle.  So, my mom and I paid a visit to the university bike shop, where they proceeded to sell me a bike that was probably entirely too expensive for me to just pedal around campus.  Either way, I have fallen in love with my bike, and since the first day I looked up “bike routes”, until now, when I consider my bike my main mode of transportation, I have learned a few things… important and unimportant as they may be.

  1. Buy a bike lock. Just do it.
  2. If you do not lock your bike (see #1), mean people will roll your bike to the nearest tree, and hoist it up to the highest branch, and hang it from that branch.  I’ve seen it.
  3. If you decide to ride your bike in a dedicated “bike lane” (the same ones that I looked up online), cars may, and will, get a little too close to you… especially if you are in the right bike lane stopped at a redlight and a car is in the right lane waiting to turn right. It’s always awkward.
  4. People on foot WILL choose to walk up a bike ramp rather than exert that TINY amount of energy to step up or down onto or off of a curb.  Then, when you nearly KILL them and cause a tragic bike accident, they look at you like you are the dumb one.  Imagine that, a kid on a bike on a bike ramp.
  5. People on foot WILL walk 4-wide on a narrow sidewalk.  Sidewalks, obviously, are not for bike riders.  But there are only so many places you can go via bike paths… and sometimes the sidewalk is the last resort.  So, these people who like to walk 4-wide will either: ignore the bike rider completely and you will ride along behind them at the speed of SNAIL or decide to STOP right in front of you and you will, in result, plow over them. Sad day.
  6. People on foot will have on an i-pod, or be on a cell phone, and make strange, unpredictable turns, which sometimes causes the bike rider to swerve into other people or fly off their bike.  It happens.
  7. People on foot will try to play that weird “which way am I gonna go” game, and walk towards you, get right in front of you, and bob-and-weave as you both decide which way to go.  However cute the person on foot may think this game is, in reality, it’s like sitting at a 4-way stop with someone who waves you on, then tries to go themselves.  It’s annoying.
  8. Cold weather/hot weather makes bike tires do weird things, like deflate.  So, do not get on your bike with a business class destination 15 minutes away just to find that your tire is all flat and it feels like your biking through sand.  It’s suck-tacular. And you’re usually all sweaty and gross by the time you DO get to your business 100 class 😦    just sayin’
  9. People on longboards annoy people on foot more than people on bikes do.  Happy day for us bike riders.
  10. AggieSpiritBus can and WILL be late.  Wehner Express (route 7) is NOT always on time, and Business 101 classes DO take attendance.  Do NOT stand out in the rain for 20mins to wait for a bus that will get you to your class late anyway…. Just take your bike 🙂

Thanks and gig ’em 🙂


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  1. Oh my precious Chaney,I see that you,like Pressley,Daniel and I,have that “wry razor wit” that many confuse for sarcasm…huge mistake…this kind of story telling is comparable to the likes of …Lewis Black! (he slays me) it comes from intelligence mixed with imagination and an abundance of self confidence! You keep writing angel…you have a flare!!

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